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FPL to be a Solar Test Bed

Near the beginning of Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, Mayor Lioneld Jordan asked Louise Schaper, executive director of the Fayetteville Public Library, to approach the microphone to make an announcement. She had big news to share. The FPL recently received a grant to make the library a solar test bed. From the $60,000 grant, 48

To-Do Wednesday: 3/18/09

Let’s just cut to the chase here. The. Weather. Rules.

Get un-Lost-ed blows the hatch on the plot of Lost.

Support the Botanical Gardens by becoming a fan on Facebook

Become a fan of the Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks on Facebook this week. It’s easy.

The Great Weather Guide to Fayetteville

The definitive-ish guide to outdoor activities, and places for them in Fayetteville.

To-Do Tuesday: 3/17/09

Lots to do on St. Paddy’s Day.

Café au… BABY

Café au… BABY

Coffee Cream Tart

Stick to the plan

No Apartments at South & College says Tony Wappel.

Flyer Profile: Hermit Thrushes

This Philly-based band creates “bizarre, happy & truly frightening pop music performed by a frenzied rainbow.”

Free WiFi in Fayetteville?

Mayor Jordan is thinking about Free WiFi in Fayetteville. Good idea?

Sunday Beer: Who Will Step Up?

With the passage of Senate Bill 121, it’s now possible to allow the citizens to vote on whether or not to allow the sale of liquor on Sundays… But someone will have to step up and gather signatures to make this happen. Who will it be?

Beat Bachs at Teatro Scarpino

Lucky 13 Dance Party at Scarpino’s with Beat Bachs, Luminfire and Tanner Beam