Support from our sponsors ensures our stories remain free for everyone, which helps keep our community informed and better able to engage in the civic life of our city. By committing to annual support, sponsors get prime advertising placement.

Our goal is to work with small- to medium-sized businesses rooted in our community, which is why our options are affordable and effective for any budget. In fact, Flyer sponsors pay less than $15 per day for year-round advertising.

Here’s what’s included in a Flyer sponsorship:

Deals ads

Deals are standout ads that include a sponsor’s name, logo and tagline, along with updatable photos and text to ensure messages are timely and relevant. Deals can promote just about anything, like weekly or daily specials, upcoming events, sales, achievements, or just your overall brand.

Top banner

A top banner sits above all the content on the Flyer and is only available for our sponsors.



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